What we are doing about Covid-19

Alive or not, we’re committed to Alife.
Alife wants to do our best to safeguard everyone against COVID-19 and create a safe living space for you.

From our very first project, we have kept a close watch on the COVID pandemic. The safety and health of every single one of our colleagues and partners was our primary concern in the process. And we pledge to follow all the guidelines and regulations issued by Central Epidemic Command Center, Nation Health Command Center (CECC).

All the facilities at the Alife headquarter office, Alife FL and Alife WCH are equipped with stringent hygiene and protection measures to provide all our guests a safe environment.

Let’s follow the pandemic guidelines together.

According to the latest instructions by Central Epidemic Command Center, in addition to listing visitors from countries whose entry is suspended, Alife also requires visitors to comply with epidemic prevention measures. If you have entered, transited, or lived in areas strictly controlled by the command center in the past 14 days, please take the initiative to notify the Alife management, and you need to go through home quarantine for 10 days + self-health management for 7 days. After that, you may apply for visiting. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The management team at Alife reserves the right to provide services. If any of the following applies to you, Alife will not accept appointments for visits, signing contracts for check-in, or bookings by third-party agents.

1. If you hold a "Home Quarantine Notice" or "Home Quarantine Notice" and want to be quarantined at Alife, or attend activities provided by Alife,

2. You are transiting from an epidemic area, and the scope of the epidemic area should be in accordance with the announcement of the competent authority, or

3. You refuse to fill in the epidemic prevention-related and visiting forms, refuse to cooperate with the body temperature measurement, refuse relevant epidemic prevention measures (including wearing a mask, alcohol disinfection, etc.), or have symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath but refuse to wear a mask and seek medical treatment.

Let us create an ideal life with peace of mind together. 

・Alife management team

All the staff at Alife management team must monitor their temperature and make sure they comply with relevant preventive measures (including wearing face mask and eye goggles, sanitation with alcohols, etc.) before work.

All the office spaces, areas for collaboration, are corridors and hallways between these areas are cleaned and disinfected comprehensively.

There is also an upgrade on use and frequency of hygiene and disinfection supplies. Alcohol disinfection spray stations are also set up in the higher traffic areas.


・Safety for residents and visitors

All residents and visitors entering Alife must comply with the protective measures by Alife.

Each person must fill out relevant forms and comply with pandemic measures taken by Alife.

Clear reminder notices will be posted in high-traffic areas.

Upgraded efforts on cleaning and sanitizing Alife FL, Alife WCH overall area, public areas and other relevant areas.

Maintain social distances in elevators, hallways and all public areas.

No eating and drinking in public area. Maintain the habit of wearing face masks and hand washing. Alife reserves the right to stop services or collaboration relationships with those who fail to comply.


For the latest Covid-19 measures, please visit the Ministry of Health and Welfare website at: www.mohw.gov.tw/mp-1.html

Alife believes the home should be the city.

Alife is a service provider for a variety of life style solutions. We want to enable everyone to enjoy the life style they want through multiple forms of living spaces (residential, industrial, work, etc) and life style services.

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